Nov 12, 2008

My Little Pumpkin Nephew

Catherine & I had sooo much fun "playing" with Cooper in the pumpkin patch near her house before Halloween. I use the word "playing" lightly, meaning we played with him & positioned him in numerous hilarious ways without him even waking up! I was kinda feelin' bad for the kid... I mean Oct. in Texas is not always this hot, but on this particular day, it must've been pushing 90, and we had the kid all decked out with a fleece hat & all!  He was such a trooper! Cooper The Trooper. Here's the fruit of our labor.

Halloween 2008_0023A

Halloween 2008_0051B

Halloween 2008_0057B

Halloween 2008_0115A

Halloween 2008_0121a

I love this next shot!  He smiled right as she went in for a kiss!

Halloween 2008_0127a

Oh No!  We've been caught!   

Halloween 2008_0150a


some chick said...




He is SOOOO cute. I can feel my ovaries working.

Catherine, Philip, and Cooper Lamb said...

My cute little pumpkin!!! I hadn't seen the pic of him smiling. Good shot! Thanks for always being our photographer!

Lisa Gisczinski Photography said...

Oh Ann, he's adorable!
I saw you replied to a gig on osp, great to see you in the game :)

Mommy Love said...

YAY, UPDATES!! Those are great pumpkin picts. I love the wedding pictures too. You are doing pretty swell my friend! ;-)

Jasmine Marie said...

What a cutie!!!