Nov 9, 2008

Jessie & Eric's Wedding

Here's a wedding I shot recently with Melissa Koehler & Jasmine Marie.  Both of these girls are incredibly sweet & so much fun to work with.  Miss you guys!

Jessie & Eric's wedding was the last one I shot in San Diego this summer before heading to Big D.  It was such a beautiful day on the San Diego Bay with a beautiful sunset!  Enjoy. 

Jessie & Eric 06-08_0012
Jessie & Eric 06-08_0062
Jessie & Eric 06-08_0069 copy
Jessie & Eric 06-08_0036

Jessie & Eric 06-08_0232Jessie & Eric 06-08_0106Jessie & Eric 06-08_0109Jessie & Eric 06-08_0202Jessie & Eric 06-08_0273Jessie & Eric 06-08_0373aJessie & Eric 06-08_0427Jessie & Eric 06-08_0493groomJessie & Eric 06-08_0521Jessie & Eric 06-08_0551Jessie & Eric 06-08_0568BJessie & Eric 06-08_0592

And my favorite one from the whole day...

Jessie & Eric 06-08_0547B


Mama Jenn said...

Hey Ann!!! These pics are awesome!! I will never forget the pics to took of me and Reg when I was pregnant. They were amazing!!! That reminds me, there is one in particular that I have always wanted to frame. Perhaps I will put that on my to do list this month. Do you mind if I post it on my blog and link it to your blog? Hope all is well and that you are enjoying TX! Jenn

Melissa Koehler said...

It was so great having you! I hope you are doing great! We miss you in San Diego!!