Nov 13, 2008

Lilly Meets Cooper

 A few weeks ago, my cousin Janey & little Lilly flew into Dallas for a visit to the Homeland. On their way out of town, they made a quick stop to meet baby Cooper.  Acting as chauffer for the day, Aunt Patti met us there, too. 

I happen to catch the cutest moment when Lilly noticed Catherine's kitties going in & out of their little kitty-door to their food & litter box.  Lilly got down on the ground for a closer inspection of this tiny door-in-a-door, and Patti then joined her to get the same vantage point!  Too cute.  And kudos to Patti, grandmother to 5 (and 1 more on the way!) for laying on the floor!!  Never an easy task after the age of ...Oh, say... 15!  

Halloween 2008_0163a

Halloween 2008_0180a

Halloween 2008_0183a

Halloween 2008_0190a

Patti caught this great picture of Lilly & I utilizing Catherin's chalkboard wall.  Oh, how Coop will enjoy this one day!!  

Halloween 2008_0195a

And the cousins meet for the first time!  It was so good to see you, Jane, if only for a few hours.  Next time will definitely have to be a little longer!  

Halloween 2008_0203a

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Catherine, Philip, and Cooper Lamb said...

I love how you can see Teva lookingout! I'msure she is thinking, "Now how am I going to get past this one?" ha ha!