Nov 15, 2008

My favorite family!

So, with a new baby in the family, my sister & I seem to plan some kind of shoot for Cooper almost every week!  The kid's gonna have every minute of his life documented... Here's a shoot we did at The Dallas Arboretum a couple of weeks ago.  There are more to come from this session, but here are a few of my favs.  

Arboretum 2008_0102aArboretum 2008_0115acrop copyArboretum 2008_0120aArboretum 2008_0079bArboretum 2008_0145aArboretum 2008_0154aArboretum 2008_0153aArboretum 2008_0158b


SceneOne Photography said...

Cute stuff! Babies are SOOO sweet! Good work!

Mama Jenn said...

Ann, you and your sister look so much alike! Again, awesome pics!!! What a cute little baby!!

Jasmine Marie said...

Beautiful shots! :)

I just did the shoot you sent my way today. Thanks again for referring me!

I hope you are doing well!