Oct 10, 2008

It's that time of year ...

One thing that October reminds me of  is the Texas State Fair!  Now, this isn't just an ordinary state fair, this is The Biggest State Fair in the COUNTRY!!  But everything's bigger in Texas, right?!  

My dad took a day off of work one day last week, and we made it a father-daughter day!  So much fun.
State Fair15
One of the things the Texas State Fair is known for is the gigantic ferris wheel, The Texas Star. It has to be something like 30 stories high!
State Fair16
State Fair11
The other thing the fair is known for is Big Tex! He acts as the Host of the party, and actually talks! "Howdy, Folks!"

State Fair8
It seemed like the contest were endless: food, photography, quilting, even antiques!

State Fair5
And no fair would be complete without a trip to the petting zoo! ...though, in Texas, we have more than just the petting zoo... we have actual livestock competitions! And I mean - it's serious business!!

State Fair4State Fair2
How cute are these height charts? Am I tall enough?
State Fair12


some chick said...

OMG those pigs are SO CUTE. Did you know that joshua and I lived across the street from the state fair for a while? loved it.

Hey, i'm going to be in DFW this weekend. Wanna hook up? Facebook me.

Lisa Gisczinski Photography said...

ooooh, what's this????...a new blog???
I love seeing pictures of the family!

Mommy Love said...

OMGoodness! You have a blog?! YAY! I LOVE the State Fair too. Glad you and your dad had a good day together. It was great to see you at Catherine's house. Let's get together more often. ;-)
Click on my purdy little picture and you can see our family blog too... ya know if you ever get bored and wonder what the cuzin's are up to. ha. TTYL

Mary Marantz said...

omigosh!! I wanna go!!! That ferris wheel is serious business!!