Dec 12, 2008

...a right jolly old elf.

Look who I ran into last weekend!


I had a great time this past weekend playing Santa's personal photographer at the Old Shephard Place Holiday in the Park event. It wouldn't have gone nearly as smoothly if new friend Amy of Opaque Visuals hadn't accompanied me. Thanks, Amy!

Santa's bench was quite popular, but Amy & I managed to squeeze in our own photo with him. Thank you also, to Cathy Hurley for inviting me along!

For those of you awaiting photos, stay tuned. Santa's personal photo studio is hard at work! Check back this weekend.


Diana said...

Santa is in much better shape this year.

Mommy Love said...

Fun with Santa??!! You're so lucky! that is so cool. I can't believe you have been updating your blog so regularly and i'm just now getting to enjoy all the recent picts. i'll check more often now. i love all of the family pictures. they are great!