Mar 3, 2009

Spring is springing... know, as opposed to "Spring has sprung."

Ok, I tried.

Anyway, this is the view from my bedroom window, and I love seeing the tiny buds on the trees! They're trying their hardest to have a little life and Texas just can't decide what kind of weather it wants to have... freezing temps overnight one day and 85 degrees the next!

When, oh when Spring will you be here to stay? I need a playdate with the great outdoors.



Diana said...

Yea, green grass and sunshine!

Mrs Desh said...

I'm glad things are getting greener over there. Things are pretty much as green here as when you left; a little boring if you ask me. We need some Ann to come spice things up! ;)

BellBaby said...

Ann, you can always find the little things and make them so pretty to look at! I would have never noticed those buds:)

Lisa Gisczinski Photography said...

I agree with Mrs Desh...more Ann please :)
Miss you

Mommy Love said...

oooohhh, I love watching things bud too! The trees go from icky dry branches to beautiful green leaves in no time and it's so fun to stop and take notice! Well, you and i have lots in common... we love green grass, Sring and March Birthdays! ha!

Catherine, Philip, and Cooper Lamb said...

Dear Ann,
Spring has been swept away by summer, which is close to FALLing over the edge. Please update your blog as your readers are missing the adventures of their favorite photographer.

Mrs Desh said...

Spring would be springing again. I realize you guys have had a bunch of snow recently, but surely you can find a little new life to capture. More pics, more pics, more pics!!! :)

P.S. Miss you.