Aug 2, 2008

Finding the Old in the New

... I guess it's really finding the New in the Old... but anyway, the point is that I am now a Dallas Girl, yet again!  It's been somewhere around 14 years since I've actually called Dallas home (home in the sense of an actual residence.)  In so many ways, this is really a new city to me: the streets, freeways, neighborhoods, SHOPPING!  I have always loved the incredible variety of new, quaint restaurants that Dallas has to choose from.  I was thinking just this afternoon that it would take me forever to even try them all - and I mean just the ones in North Dallas alone!  

Apart from selection of eateries & shop-eries (I like to make up my own words ;) ), one of the great things about being back is being close to so many long-time friends.  I had lunch this week with two girls that I've known since junior high (Go Parkhill Raiders!!).  We had a great time catching up, and I know it won't be 5+ years until I see them again, as it was this time.  

Reb & Sara:  Love you guys!  Niki, we missed you, but you're excused since you were in HI. 


david & kimi baxter said...

so ann did you move back to dallas? if so, we wish you much success and happiness there!!

Anonymous said...

HI Ann! It was great meeting you the other night. We'll have to get together soon.

Hope Dallas treats you well!

some chick said...

wow. big move. i want to hear all about it. i sent you an e-mail but it was to msss so i don't know if that's good anymore.

you totally have to check out my house church in dallas and meet all my peeps!